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About the service

BookMeDate is a web service that serves to save and organize in your, personal internet calendar of your personal or work commitments! Made to work by one or more employees simultaneously in an office, company or work environment / service and prevents duplication of time slots for working with a client or duplicating bookings for an appointment.

Your web assistant, which frees you from the need to constantly remember about daily tasks and work schedule!

What is BookMeDate

Mondey / 10:30 /

Regardless of your business, whether you are a dentist, hairdresser, car mechanic, doctor, manager or employee of a company, you are a person who does not want to forget and miss the important commitments in your daily life.

Mondey / 11:10 /

BookMeDate was created to help and make it easier for you to schedule work meetings.

Tuesday / 11:45 /

In BookMeDate you can record and organize your business meetings, book an appointment to perform a certain type of service to your client, or even store personal information for an appointment for a match or movie !

Tuesday / 12:30 /

And why not remind you of the most important events in your life such as your husband`s or wife`s birthday, or wedding anniversary, and more.

Wednesday / 14:20 /

The system is pleasant and intuitive to work with, it is quick and easy to work with and frees you from the obligation to hire additional staff to monitor and organize your meetings!

Wednesday / 14:40 /

You no longer have to write down important events and appointments on a piece of paper or search for them by flipping through a notebook that you can forget at the most inopportune moment. at home or in the office closed at the end of the working day.
For anyone who values his time, wants to increase his revenue and wants to be ahead of his competitors.

Who is this service for?

Thursday / 9:20 /

The system can be used not only for business but also for personal needs.

Thursday / 10:50 /

BookMeDate is suitable for car mechanics, dentists, hairdressers, notaries or business people with many meetings and appointments a day, It is suitable also for small or large car service with several representative offices and locations, for small or large company, company with offices in different parts of the city, country or in the world.

Friday / 15:30 /

The system offers different levels of access and usage rights. You do not need to install additional software, you do not need any special knowledge, skills, or equipment. All you need is a computer with an internet connection to log in to your account and to register an appointment for your client in the system. Wonderful, isn`t it?

Friday / 17:30 /

BookMeDate is intuitive and extremely easy to work with and learn, no need to read long instructions and sit for hours in front of the monitor, minutes after registration, the system will work for you and will bring you many benefits and revenues.


The data you enter for your customers, employees or data related to the work you perform NEVER and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will be provided to third parties • Your data is protected by an encrypted connection and only you and the employees of which you have delegated the relevant access rights

Advantages of the system:

  • The system offers up to 5 levels of access
  • SaaS software - an online service without the need to purchase new hardware or software
  • Use the system from anywhere in the world with internet access
  • Creating different work points (offices, representative office, car service, shop, etc.) to one account, with independent calendar and databases
  • Quick and easy administration of employees for the respective work points
  • Ability to notify by email for an upcoming meeting
  • Different statuses of recorded appointments
  • Personal database with your customers
  • Complete chronology and archive of actions - logins to the system, each edition of a reservation
  • Profit statistics, by months and years
  • Profit and loss statistics for each service separately
  • Search function in the list of appointments by criteria
  • Possibility for personal selection and settings of different duration of the working slots. Example: 10 min, 20 min 30 min, etc.
  • Setting of working hours, example: 9:00 to 18:00; or 8:00 to 14:00
  • For a company organization with many offices / work centers - central setting of the prices of the services with possibility for personalization for the different offices / work centers


BookMeDate - no monthly subscription, no contract, no hidden fees.

You only pay for what you use!

The charged credit is deducted only when booking an appointment. Thus, on the days of vacation, rest or seasonal absence of customers you don`t have any costs on the system but your account is active and ready to use at any time! (Without stopping, starting or activation fee)

for an appointment

An appointment is not charged until 1 hour after booking

There is no charge for an error

This allows in case of errors on your part or refusal of an appointment by the client up to 1 hour after booking, to be deleted without being deducted from the available credit and to suffer losses in these cases!
The registration is completely free and it is not necessary to enter any financial information.

You can cancel our service at any time without additional charge or delay.

Your opinion is important to us

We look forward to your questions about the appointment booking system

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us • We will be happy to meet your requirements, the needs of your business • We take into account your criticism and advices • Our goal is to constantly develop the offered service to meet your needs

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